I first met Brian Snyder when he was 19 years old. He had already been doing taxidermy for 7 years at that point. Almost 30 years later, and he has been a full-time taxidermist in the same location and with a fabulous reputation ever since. I have been blessed to know and work with numerous taxidermists, and have myself been immersed in taxidermy and related industries for more years than I care to state and Brian is among the most reliable, dependable, pure craftsman I have ever known. Let me explain how valuable that is. I have heard an obscene number of horror stories over the years all over the country and right here at home; guys ending up with mounts they have no interest in looking at, or a mount that falls apart over time, resulting in a complete waste of money. Guys not getting their mount until four or five years later, or worst of all, but fairly common: guys never getting their mount, or their deposit, or their antlers back. Brian is that rare gem that does absolutely beautiful, solid, artistic work with a 100% reliability rate, in a VERY reasonable amount of time, and at a competitive price- priceless! I have trusted some of my most valuable trophies to Brian and the result has been art pieces that will be family heirlooms, and I am incredibly thankful for that. Every town has a newbie aspiring taxidermist who will happily undercut the established businesses to get work, but it’s usually a risky gamble at best as these are where the sad tales of woe are born, but if your gambling days are well behind you and you want to be sure your mount is going to be the icing on an already happy and successful hunting trip, than do yourself a favor and go with Brian Snyder as I have on many occasions.

-Dave Smith
Decoy Manufacturer
Fish Replica Artist
Taxidermy Manikin Sculptor